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Budget Planning

for the Unexpected

Bolli is the stress-free way to keep your spending on track with your financial goals.


So, What is Bolli?

Bolli is a self-adjusting budgeting app that intelligently manages your money for you. Easily create a monthly budget - Bolli will automatically track and categorize your expenses. You will always know how much you can safely spend while meeting your financial and savings goals!

How it Works


Link Bank Accounts

All your expenses

are accounted for

in one place



Take-Home Pay

Learn to live within your means regardless of your income


Verify Bills and Subscriptions

Always know when your bills and subscriptions are due


Create Spending Plan

Understand and improve your spending habits


All Set to Start Saving

Easily automate the funding of your future goals!

How it works
What is Bolli?


$4.99/month or $52.99/year (12% off)

Easy-to-use budgeting tools that automate tedious budgeting tasks

Engagement features that teach you how to improve your spending habits and grow your savings


Automated budget re-adjustments that keep your financial goals on target

Safe to Spend feature for avoiding overdraft fees

Automated expense tracking and categorization

Automated bills and subscription tracking

Much More

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