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Budget Planning

for the Unexpected

Bolli is the stress-free way to keep your spending on track with your financial goals.


So, What is Bolli?

Bolli is a self-adjusting budgeting app that intelligently manages your money for you. Easily create a monthly budget - Bolli will automatically track and categorize your expenses. You will always know how much you can safely spend while meeting your financial and savings goals!

How it Works


Link Bank Accounts

All your expenses

are accounted for

in one place



Take-Home Pay

Learn to live within your means regardless of your income


Verify Bills and Subscriptions

Always know when your bills and subscriptions are due


Create Spending Plan

Understand and improve your spending habits


All Set to Start Saving

Easily automate the funding of your future goals!

How it works
What is Bolli?


$4.99/month or $52.99/year (12% off)

Easy-to-use budgeting tools that automate tedious budgeting tasks

Engagement features that teach you how to improve your spending habits and grow your savings


Automated budget re-adjustments that keep your financial goals on target

Safe to Spend feature for avoiding overdraft fees

Automated expense tracking and categorization

Automated bills and subscription tracking

Much More

  • Why Budget?
    A budget helps you figure out your long-term goals and provides a way to reach them. Think savings up for a car, or a trip to Bali. It helps ensure you don't spend money you don't have. You can have more disposable income for investing, and building long-term wealth. It helps you prepare for emergencies. It helps shed light on bad spending habits. Knowing where your money is going gives you peace of mind.
  • What is Bolli?
    Bolli is a self-correcting budget planner designed to help you save money and make more efficient decisions about your monthly spending. No matter how good you are with math, life has a funny way of derailing even the most well-thought-out budget plans. And while it's easy enough to go back and correct your budget manually, Bolli auto-corrects for you - giving you one less thing to worry about.
  • What Makes Bolli Different?
    Bolli is the financial planner that takes the guessing out of your budget. Bolli treats your financial plan like google maps: setting your spending goals with automation, and keeping you on course to get there. Bolli offers the tools that other budgeting apps don't: getting you to set your short-term goals, providing you with a spending plan, checking in to re-adjust your budget when you get off track, creating automated reminders, and helping you forecast for next month so you can effectively prepare.
  • What are Bolli’s Differentiating Features?
    Bolli's Adjustments for Unexpected Spending Feature Bolli will automatically re-adjust your budget if you overspend on a category. Bolli's budget decision algorithms take the hassle out of figuring out which budget items you should take money out of to best cover an overspent budget item. Bolli's Auto Re-Adjustments Feature Bolli does all the complex and routine calculations associated with the budgeting process. This enables you to have the most accurate view of your financial health at all times. Bolli's Available to Spend Feature Bolli lets you know how much you can safely spend without missing a bill payment or getting off track with your savings goals. Bolli's Custom Budget Categories Bolli makes it simple to categorize expenses for any budget item. For example, you can create a "do something nice for someone" custom category. So the next time you buy someone lunch, it will end up in your "do something nice for someone" category instead of your personal "food" budget. Bolli's Weekly Ideal Spending (WIS) Feature Bolli learns about your spending behaviors, then auto-suggest a realistic amount you should be spending weekly. WIS takes the guesswork out of what smart spending looks like. Bolli's Monthly Savings Projection Feature Throughout the month, Bolli will notify you of your projected savings for the end of the month. Although Bolli is not necessarily a savings app, Bolli learns about your spending habits and by doing so, automates your budgeting tasks in a way that helps you meet your monthly savings target. Bolli Financial Decision Assessment Feature Bolli monitors the key financial decisions you make that either help or hinder your budgeting goals. Bolli then uses this analysis to either teach you how to get on the right track or encourage you to keep pushing on.
  • Is Bolli Secure?
    Yes. Bolli is Secure. We use the latest end-to-end encryptions to ensure your data is safe.
  • What Bank Information Does Bolli Have Access To?
    Bolli only has access to your bank account name, bank balance, and bank transactions. Bolli uses Plaid, a safe and secure means of accessing these pieces of information without storing sensitive data like account number, routing number, bank username and bank password. This is similar to using your Google or Facebook account to log into a website. The website does not have access to your Facebook or Google login credentials. If Bolli were to get hacked, your Bank Accounts WILL NOT be compromised. To learn more about the third-party software we use to connect to your bank accounts - visit their website at
  • Does Bolli Give Third Parties Access To My Data?
    No. Absolutely not! You are the customer and not the product.
  • How Long Does Bolli Store My Information?
    Bolli stores your information as long as you are a user. Delete your account to permanently erase your data from our system. This action is irreversible.
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